Creating Boot Animations and Dilemnas


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Jul 2, 2010
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Trying to make a custom Boot Animation. I'll either be a) ripping a .gif from the interwebz and taking no credit or b) dusting off Gimp and making a go at my own.

I have copies of the boot/down animation folders and I have a couple questions for someone more experienced.

1. The BootAni contains 3 folders: android, progress and VZW.
I understand when the files are called, but both android & progress contain only one file each; a .jpg and a .png. Can these be changed to .gifs or multiple jpg/png files to create an animation? If noone knows, I intend to try for myself and will post results.
2. The BootAni contains a desc.txt file. Upon opening it says -
480 800 15
p 1 45 android
p 1 1 VZW
p 1 300 progress
I get that "480 800"] are the resolution specs and "android", "VZW", and "progress" are the called folders but I have no idea what the "p", "1" or the "45,1,300" mean. Any idea?
(sidenote: the desc.txt file has the text in a single line, however it copy/pasted in the format appearing)

Someone Else's Tutorial

Why this didn't show up when I did a site search is beyond me. Must've been the Sam Adams...
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all i did for my animations was to put a custom splash screen pic (htc quietly brilliant) in a folder, and the first pic of my animation in the vzw folder. then i put all the rest of the pictures in the progress folder. i adjust the 3rd number in the desc.txt to change the fps.