Crackle from Audio output when car charger attached


Nov 17, 2009
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Has anyone else noticed a crackle from the audio output (I use auxiliary) when the car charger is attached?
just trying to figure out if its the phone, or the charger..

I'm using the Verizon wireless car charger.
I'm getting this too, with a cheapy usb cable. I'm not sure if it's the power interference, or internet artifacts (I've only used Pandora, never music I have stored)

I was more apt to believe that it was just poor quality of audio as my signal would weaken, but the power cord makes sense too.
No if i remove the power cord everything is 100% fine.. Its not just pandora it does this with my MP3's also..
I get a cracking at full volumn or close to full, not a ground problem and doesn't seem like clipping, it's just a cracking sound.
Yeah, tundrawolf beat me to it but the problem is that you are creating a ground loop. I get this with my iPod and the Droid. It only happens when it is plugged into the vehicle and the car charger. If you listen to it on headphones, its fine. If you don't plug in the charger, its fine. But the combination of the two makes it go crazy. So get an isolator like he pointed out.
As for the cracking at full volume, I get that too. It seems that the increment right before full is best when hooking it up to an auxiliary port.
im going to try the ground loop thing. apparently the only place to get one for auxillary is the internet