Cracked Screen indecision


Nov 7, 2010
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weaverville, nc
So i have this D1 which i got from my cousin for no dollars. Her little boy cracked the screen, so it's been cracked since the day i got it. When i took it to VZW to get it activated, the cutie who helped me out was able to sell me insurance "just in case the screen got cracked" (wink).

So now the 30 days are up, and I could get a replacement for it if i wanted to.

Two problems:
1. It's a little shady, and i think i believe in karma...

2. I'm rooted, which is NBD - i know how to get back. But this particular Droid is AMAZING when it comes to modding. I've run a bunch of different ROMS & kernels, and the only time it ever got unstable was running a ULV 1.2 kernel on a nightly build. I've run MIUI with no bugs or FC's, M1, PE, LFY...SV and LV kernels up to 1275 MHz; all of them flashed & set up with NO issues.

My main concern is that I've heard of people getting "lemon" refurbs from Asurion, maybe later models with substandard processors, etc that cause problems on different ROMs. Plus its been awhile since i rooted, not sure i want to go thru the process again...

So i'm attached to this particular there a place I can get just the screen glass & replace it myself?