Couldn't make calls, signal problem?


Nov 7, 2009
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I was in an area yesterday that I have traveled to many times. With my OG droid, I never had problems making calls from this area (Manassas, VA just 50 min outside of DC).

I had many bars, but no 4G icon and I couldn't make any calls. it was the weirdest thing.

anyone have any connection problems for a simple phone call in a non-4G area? any ideas why I couldn't make any calls?
I dont have a TB, but I wanted to say "Yay, Manassas" -- I grew up there.

Good luck, OP.
I think it was more of a google voice problem rather than a Thunderbolt problem! :)
I have the same issues. My TB is going back. It sits on my desk right now without ANY data service. PERIOD. My OG D1 sits here and at least gets 1-2 bars of 3G.

Thunderbolt = serious fail
try a hard reset. once I did that, I haven't had any problems!