"Corrupted" email addresses (duplicate name and address)


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Apr 29, 2012
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I'm new to Droid having moved over from BlackBerry a month ago. My contacts sync with Microsoft Outlook (Exchange) for work. I also have gmail for all my personal mail and contacts seem to be syncing with contacts in that as well even though I try to turn that off. As I go along, the default email addresses in my contacts are replicating themselves into strings where first the name and then the email address are repeated, redundantly into a long string. Of course, if I don't catch it and edit it, the emails bounce back. These are the "work email" addresses, so it seems there is something wrong with the syncing. I also find that if I edit contacts in the Droid they are no longer visible in my contacts list in Outlook on my office work computer! (I have to restore them, an arduous process involving searching for the name and then editing content until the person somehow restores on the contacts list.) This is unacceptable for my work, I need gmail for personal mail, and unless I can fix it I will have to absorb the expense of the phone and go to something else, probably back to BlackBerry. I suspect a conflict between Outlook and Google, but if so don't know how to fix it. Can anyone help?
I'm not sure I followed completely. Check out VC organizer(pro) in the Google play store. Read the description and see if that will solve your problem. I think it cost around $10, I've been using it successfully to sync contacts and tasks with outlook for about a year.
iraallen, I'm having a similar problem. Gmail duplicates the domain of my email, so mine would be [email protected].

I'll let you know anything I turn up in my research on this.
Well, one piece of info. If I go into "Contacts" and pick an email address and say "complete action with Gmail" (or whatever), the email goes through fine. If I go into Gmail, say "compose a message", and then pick an address (by search) in the "To" field, it comes out corrupted/duplicated.