Copying a video from my Droid to PC via Picasa


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Jun 6, 2010
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I took a video on my Droid but I can't email it or copy it to my PC. I've connected the phone to my PC using the USB chord but I can only see the photos taken (imported to Picasa). The videos I took don't show up. How do I get my videos onto my computer. Neither emailing or downloading/importing to PC doesn't seem to work.

Is this even doable?
Wow. Ok... Go into My Computer, and find removable disk. It will be a different letter depending on what's hooked up to your pc. Look for DCIM, then look in there for camera. Pics and video should both be in that folder. (at least they are in mine) Drag those files to your computer. Simple as that.

You can also choose to share files from media gallery to online accounts such as Youtube, if you have a wifi connection. Just long press the file you want to share from the gallery and it will give options. Good luck.
There is also a free app called qik that works pretty well for uploading videos to the internet.