"Copy Paste It" app cures your Android copy-and-paste woes

ya true, but i still dont think thats enough for me to buy it. thats just me though, maybe others will use that feature
For me, the "that's cool!" factor is about 90% of the appeal. Kind of like speedtest.net. You install it, use it a bunch of times, and then totally ignore it.

Thanks for sharing this wuyanks.
I'm using it now. I may be the only one but I really like it.
I use copy/paste for everything I can on my computer. I guess it's my hidden dyslexia symptoms or my old age symptoms. Whichever, this will save me a lot of time.
You know that's great but why are people making apps like this for root users only? Why can't people who aren't rooted have these apps?

It doesn't seem fair. I'm rooted now but I'm concerned about the update being forced on my Droid. I don't want to use anybody's ROM and I don't want to lose my great apps. :(

They need to release Gingerbread with granted access to superuser permissions. As much as we pay for these phones they ought to be 100% unlocked out of the box. It may be fun for the hax00rs but if it were up to me there'd be hardly any rooting threads because it's a tedious process no one should have to deal with just to get the most out of their investment.
being rooted means
my copy and paste droid woes
still demand a fix

I'm Edward, the developer for Copy Paste It. Believe me, if I could make this for non-rooted phones and get a shot at the 95% of non-rooted Android users, I would. Unfortunately, its not only difficult, but impossible to take screenshots of the phone on non-rooted phones. its a security precaution that google put in place (so other apps cant take screenshots and will and steal your password/personal information).

Just thought I'd chime in and give my reasoning!
This app makes my life easier its a top 5.

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