copy and Pasting formatted Text


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Jan 12, 2011
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I got an S6 and found that copying text from a Website does not keep the formatting. Does anyone know what setting I need to change to make it keep formatting? The Verizon store was stumped. I often send formatted text so I can use the information in claas.
That's a good question. I copy text often, but it's always for the content and not the formatting. I'm not sure there's an option/setting to copy it exactly as it is.

There may be an app in the Play Store that will allow you to copy formatting. Have you tried searching there? I did a quick Google search and saw a similar issue brought up with a different phone on a different site and someone suggested an app called Clipper+. There's a free version, but I don't see anything about formatting in the description. Might be worth digging into a little deeper if it means that much to you.
Thanks, I will check on it. I have never had to worry about it before. Other units copied everything just fine AND without an extra program.