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Mar 6, 2012
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Please forgive this newbie post. I'm a longtime Palm user who switched to a DINC2 about 6 months ago. Still trying to understand how to accomplish on droid what I used to do on my palm. Anyway, My contacts are a disaster. Since I don't exactly understand how contacts are maintained, I can't figure out how to clean them up. Here are my issues: Duplicates and really old info which can't be merged or corrected through gmail or yahoo. I used Facebook, so even more contact info shows up. Backup Assistant has 7 people in it and seems to sync except for the fact that I have about 200 contacts. I feel like I have contact info all over the place and when I take the time to clean them up on or, they just go right back to the mess that they were. I was trying to transfer my phonebook to my motorola t325 speakerphone yesterday and there were continuous "download failed" messages and when I tried to manually send .vcf info (which also failed despite the fact that my mother's phone transferred automatically the very first time it connected by bluetooth-same model of phone DINC2), I had the option of sending my contacts from the phone, SIM or SD card. Can anyone point me to the best way to clean this mess up? I would really like my contacts to be the same in yahoo, gmail and my phone.