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Mar 21, 2020
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Hello Smarter than me friends...
I've tried adding some contacts today; when I do, and press done, my phone says "contact saved." But the contacts are not there! Whether I choose the phone app and press "all contacts" or whether I use the "Contacts" app (I still don't understand why there are two contacts apps...why is this?), the new contacts are not being saved. This friggin phone...can someone help?
One difference between Android and iOS is that Android is open source code. So each phone manufacturer can add their own "twist" on base Android. So that results in duplicate apps sometimes; the stock Android (Google) Contacts app and the one your phone manufacturer created, or the one from your phone manufacturer and one from your service provider, etc.

I like using Google Contacts personally. It syncs to the Google cloud and you can then view, edit, manage your Contacts from any phone, laptop, tablet, Chromebook, etc. And every new phone you ever buy.....all you have to do is login with your Google account and your contacts instantly sync.

When you open the Contacts app on your phone, there is a Settings menu somewhere. What is it set to save to? Google Contacts, SIM Card, local storage? Many phones are set to save to local storage by default. But guess what happens when it's time for a new phone? All your contacts are gone....unless you remember to make a backup, copy it to the new phone, load it, etc., etc. Which can be a pain if you are not tech savvy. Which is why Google Contacts is so handy & easy. Once your contact list is created and saved, it will always be there on every Android phone you own (and iPhones too).

If possible, download the stock Google Contacts app. Then remove any icon shortcuts for the app that came with the phone. See if you can save a new contact using the Google Contacts app. If you have access to a computer you can also try adding contacts there and then syncing with your phone.

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