Contact Sync Killing Battery


Nov 21, 2009
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East Troy, WI
Not sure if this is a app, exchange, or google issue. We finally upgraded to MS Exchange at work and being a little more tech savy, IT gave me the settings to set up both Outlook and my phone early. Everything worked fine and I was a happy camper.

Early this week I decieded to try and sync my 1500 contacts with my phone to see how it would be. Everything sync'd fine and again, I was happy.

This is when I noticed my battery dying at incredibly fast rates. Where I normally get a full day out of my phone with short charges in the car, I couldn't make it half the day and the phone temps were up in the 104 F range.

I am using GroupU for contact management because of the lack of catagories/groups on the X.

I did check the battery manager to see what was hogging it, and 70% of the battery usage was from a motorolla event (forgot the name and have turned off corp contact sync) and one of it's listed uses was contact syncing.

Any ideas on whether I have something set up wrong, the program is killing me or something else?

Normally I would start changing things and figuring it out the long division way by elimination, but I've got a hellish week coming up and I can't take the time or have my phone dying on me :icon_ nono2:

Thanks in advance,