Contact ID's missing


May 23, 2010
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P-Cola FL
So I just installed the Watermark'd theme of LiMod earlier today, and have been enjoying the heck out of it (minus the purple ion things in the call screen and drop down menu :p), but have one major problem.

About 20 or so of my contacts do not have their picture ID's anymore. I do not sync with FB, and all my Google contacts have the pictures when I view them on my computer.

I've turned the auto-sync off and on a few times, forced a manual sync countless times, either resulting in the sync icon spinning half a second and going away, or spinning half a second and an error icon appears then disappears before I can even read it. I've rebooted, and even turned completely off then back on.

Are there any other measures I can take to avoid having to re-wipe my data (meaning YES I did wipe before installing) and reinstalling LithiumMod? Is this a LiMod, FRG01B, or PEBCAC issue?