Connection issues with 1 tower?


Jun 30, 2010
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My Droid X has been acting up when im at home lately, and after some testing i think it may be the tower in my area.

From about the past week my Droid X has been jumping between no service and 4 bars. 1x and 3g, usually staying on 1x. I have been running custom roms, CM7DX, LGB 2.5 all with the same problem when at home.

This past weekend we went out of state and it held 3G everywhere we went once about 10 miles away from home. We just got back today and my phone went back to sitting at 1x and weird connection issues.

I have SBF'd back to .340 *228 1 and 2, restart and its still doing it. The other 2 3G capable phones in the house have 3G all the time in the house, like my phone did uptill a few weeks ago.

I'm now thinking its the cell tower in my area, since the problem is just here in my general area. Anyone know a little more about this, and give me a hand on where to start? I think there must be some sort of data base for each tower, where it stores some local cache or something? It almost feels like I need an ipconfig/ release and renew like on windows.