Concerned about breaking battery door


Dec 27, 2009
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My plan had been to purchase a 2nd stock battery and just carry that in my pocket for when the 1st one runs out. This is what I did with my D1 and it worked out great for me. Unlike the D1, though, the TB's battery door is really hard to remove and I always feel like it's going to break when I try to remove it. I wonder how it will hold up after repeatedly opening and closing it. The D1 battery door was a much better design IMO with the little metal arms that slid into the phone body. The extended battery is not an option for me because it will not fit in the car dock.
This is what is preventing me from buying another battery. Unlike the OG Droid, the back on this phone doesn't seem like it would hold up well to being taken on/off repeatedly. I am just using the 3 Droid chargers that I had and am using them for my Thunderbolt everywhere I go. I got 10 hours of battery life yesterday in a medium to heavy usage test. So I'm happy. The battery meter is not reliable or accurate.
Yeah I use the corner of a credit card wrapped in a paper towel to remove the battery door by turning the card perpendicular to the battery door slit. I have cosmetic damage from initially the card without a paper towel, but it's at the slit for the battery door, so who really cares, not to mention I keep it in a silicone case.