Computer not recognizing DInc or Sd Card


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Jan 13, 2011
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I've got a rooted DInc with OMGB Android 2.3. About a week ago or so, my camera app stopped recognizing my SD card though Astro seems to have no problem with it. Which for the moment is fine though annoying since I couldn't take any pictures. But I knew I was replacing it, so I figured I could wait it out. Well, my new 16 gb sd card came in and I want to move all the info from my old sd card to my computer (Mac OSX btw) and back to the new one. Unfortunately, when I plug in the phone to the computer, it doesn't find either of the drives at all. I also tried my work PC with no luck. Any suggestions as to how to get my computer to recognize the phone? Phone is in USB debugging mode. I'm planning on changing my ROM to the recently released Cynogen 7 RC2. Might that make a difference?

Alternatively, I've thought about copying the SD card via Astro to dropbox and back to my new sd card from there. Anyone try that before? I gave it a go but did not have much luck though I admittedly did not spend to much time trying.