Completly new to Smartphones and Droids - Feeling a bit overwhelmed - Lots to learn


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Sep 7, 2011
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California, USA
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LG G3 VS985
Just purchased a new HTC Incredible 2 over the weekend.
The gal at the shop was very helpful at least activating it and setting me up on Google along with a gmail account.

I am getting the hang of a lot of features that the phone has to offer.
I'm still stymied over a couple of issues though, and I'm pretty sure it's a complete case of "Operator Error".

The most glaring issue, is that on my Home Screen, I have two Email Shortcuts. One is just a plain mail icon that for a time, while I was testing sending mail from my wife's home email to my gmail, seemed to send mail properly to both google mail online, and also to the phone itself. Now it's not going to my phone anymore? At least not right away. Sometimes it's showing up several hours later. However, it does show up almost immediately in "Notifications". I read it from there, close notifications, and poof, its gone. I go to the plain mail icon and look at the in-box, it's not there.
If I then open the GMail icon, it's there. They both say they are linked to So I'm not sure what gives? I don't even know why I have the two icons and what is the difference.
Additionally, when I go to Settings/Accounts and Sync, there are separate lines for GMail (linked to the and Google (also linked to What is the difference between those two? I just can't help thinking that I've done something to either delay my mail or stop it up altogether. It seems like the only time I can get it to push, or transmit to my phone is when I manually press the "Sync All" button. And that only works sometimes.
Maybe I'll have to pick a slow morning and take it back to the kid at Verizon and cry for help.