comparable music services


Jul 19, 2010
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I currently use the Rhapsody music service and have for a few years now. I really enjoy it, and sure it has its downfalls. Lately, several Rhapsody users have been really frustrated with the service and are moving on to other subscription based music services/apps.

I am curious as to if anyone that has used Rhapsody (or even if you haven't but are familiar), has moved to other services and what they think of them. Are there other comparable services? I'm hearing a lot about Spotify, but have not looked into them.

I don't mind Rhapsody...sure they don't have everything I am looking for, but believe it or not, they do have a lot of what I would call "rare" stuff, or stuff I really really wouldn't expect to be on there (lots of underground extremely independent stuff I would say I guess) So, while I am getting a little frustrated with some things regarding Rhapsody myself, I'd much rather hear first what other people are using and their experience with it before I consider switching.

Thanks in advance.