CM12 Is Now Available For The Xiaomi Mi3


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Oct 6, 2011
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Xiaomi is known for being the world's most valuable technology start up having received $1.1 billion in funding from investors. The company is now worth $46Billion and employs over 3,000 employees mostly in mainland China. The company is now the 3rd largest smartphone maker behind Samsung and Apple. The company launched their first device back in 2010 with what became an instant hit MIUI. The MIUI rom was an AOSP rom with iOS styling. It quickly became one of the most popular roms.

Today CM12 is available unofficially for the Xiaomi Mi3. This is a pretty big deal since Xiaomi is known for not publicly releasing their kernel source which puts them in violation of GPL licensing and also makes custom development for their devices difficult. The CM12 build for the Mi3 device be developers of the CrancoCM Team is actually quite functional. A few bugs do exist that may make this rom less than a daily driver for some of you. Bugs include bluetooth, nfc, video camera, and usb-otg. If you can do without those few things head to the link below for the download.