Clean Slat Kernel Brings Fingerprint Scanner Mod To The HTC One M9+


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Oct 6, 2011
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The HTC One M9+ is a device that I have personally heard very little about. It is a premium version of the HTC One M9 that can only be purchased internationally. If you have this device you may want to consider installing the Clean Slate Kernel. Not only does the kernel enhance performance and battery life it also allows support for some pretty cool mods. The fingerprint mod has been added to the kernel allowing you to add four different functions to the fingerprint scanner. You can add back/home/appswitch/and screen off features. There is a feature called Pocket wake prevention which senses the proximity and won't unlock your phone while it is in your pocket. The kernel also allows you to fastcharge your phone when plugged into your laptop. Grab this kernel from the link below.

via XDA