Clarify email setup




I am in the process of setting up my email accounts after rooting and flashing to Apex 1.4.1 on my Droid X. I have a few questions on how to configure different email accounts.

I first tried to setup my IMAP and Yahoo email account using the "My Accounts" app and following the prompts for selecting the account type and so on. Once I finished setup, I could see the notifications for the different accounts though none of the accounts was visible from the "Email". This method was from Motorola's website.

The second try, I deleted the Yahoo and IMAP accounts and used the "Email" app to setup access. I now have access to both email accounts in the combined inbox.

What does the "My Accounts" app do if I need to use "Email" to set the accounts?

When I setup the phone after flashing, the google mail was accessible through the "Gmail" app, can I consolidate this account with the other two?