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I have to say that I love chrome. As for the menu button being at the top, you might as well get used to it. I have no problems reaching it.
once they merge some of the features of this with the stock ICS browser (which i think will happen eventually) this will be awesome.

i would love to have Chrome beta, throw in some quick controls from the "labs" of ICS stock, "request desktop view" and "save for later" options and i would be sold.

the lack of Flash is a bummer though. while i find that most videos open in a seperate video app, there has been a couple times where i had to open it in my stock browser to view the video.

overall though, it is faster loading, the tabbing is better IMO, the pinch to zoom and scrolling is better, the web pages render better (the text just fits better)

all in all, i am happy, but i cannot wait to see what the team can do with this browser. i was a firefox user on my laptop, but once this came out, i went to Chrome and i LOVE it.
I feel like it responds faster than the stock browser, but even if that wasn't the case, it has tabs and my bookmarks, two features that put it far ahead of the stock browser. I like that I can open a tab on my desktop for some 6 or 8 page article from The Atlantic, get up and leave for dinner, and then sync the tab on my phone. You don't need chrome to phone anymore. I like having the incognito window. And I like that I can access all my chrome bookmarks with no extra effort. Aside from flash being absent, I don't see a downside.

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I have been using the Chrome Beta for about a week now. I really like it. The UI is very smooth and integrated, and the browser itself loads webpages lightning fast for me. I would like to see more options in the settings, like Download options and the like.

I read somewhere that Google plans to make Chrome the stock browser on its pure Android devices. Can't remember where I read it, but that is the rumor. So it is likely that features from the stock browser will be implemented into Chrome eventually.
Lot of vids I watch are flash related....

But even more vids don't load for me!!!! I'll be surfing a message board, click on the vid...and the icon will just keep spinning

In stock, I could at least get an option to launch it in the youtube client. In this...I don't.

That needs to be fixed asap
Yeah, that's a pain. Their help section says they're working on it.

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YouTube videos work well for me. I guess i don't use flash much because I have yet to have a video not load. I would like download options as well.
Surprised I can't find a thread on this. Anybody else using the new Chrome Beta browser? It replaced Dolphin HD for me. I love it. The integration with the desktop client is amazing.

The only problem is the same thing with all of Google's apps....their damn insistence of putting the settings button at the TOP of the screen instead of down next to the app switcher softkey. Nobody holds their phone from the top, why do they do this? Makes one-handed operation impossible... ok sorry about that rant.

Seriously, give Chrome a try!

Yes and ditched dolphin and stock browser for it. works great, easy selection / deletion of tabs, and fast!
Mozilla needs to get Firefox Mobile up to par with Firefox "Regular"... I would love to be able to use some of the same add-ons on my phone that I do on my PC's (Flashblock, Adblock, Ghostery/NoScript, etc..); would save a lot of unnecessary bandwidth and increase speeds potentially.
How do you change the settings to allow adult content to be shown when searching for things using chrome. Just for kicks I wanted to test and see if there were parental filters and sure enough it won't show nudity. And I am 44 not some kid trying to look for smut.
The location of the setting button is an issue that every app dev has had to deal with since ics. Google allows both and the inconsistencies lead to user confusion and an unpleasant UX (user experience). Hopefully Google will address this issue in future releases but for now we are stuck with with icon placement issues.

It is a real pain but I believe the upper options menu is where Google and there for everyone else is heading. Sorry to say you may be out in the rain without a custom rom that allows the bottom menu button.
Tried out Chrome beta. Nice browser and fast. It stays loaded as a service which I don't like constantly taking up memory. I suppose so it can do it's sync thingy if you want.

Been using 'Quick ICS Browser' in the market lately. An enhanced stock ICS browser that has several nice features and it's very fast.

And while you are there in the market you might check out (off topic :) Camera ICS+ an enchanced version of the stock ICS Camera! Bought that one for a buck:

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