Changing Icons Galaxy S3 4.1

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Dec 28, 2012
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Okay I've downloaded the apps that were suggested for me to change my icons, however it changes the whole phone theme?! Is there anyway that I'll be able to just change a few icons to make it look a little nicer without having the whole theme and icons changed. Ex. phone icon,text etc.
I'm fairly good at this stuff but coming from iPhone after 4 years then into Android which I never knew anything about
until I decided a change was needed & got the GS3, I'm glad I did I love android way better I guess the GS3 has a little to do with that I guess. Anyways I've jail broke iPhones/iPods the whole 4 years and could do anything with them, so I pick up stuff quick and have but this icon package thing has me stumped. Any advice or suggestions, do I have to change the whole theme because I'd have to always click the home icon ?wiz to put to stock or use the launchers suggested and change my whole theme. Main goal is to just change particular icons, any help would be great!:)
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