Change Snooze Time in Calendar? Not Reminder Time, Snooze Time?


Oct 15, 2010
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I searched for this on 3 forum sites and either no one answered or they get in some discusion about calendars on various phones. Frustrating waste of time. Anyway, this is my question.

OK so I want to change the snooze time for calendar notifications that pop up with the calendar that comes with the phone and 2.2 system.

I know how to change the reminder time but when I get a notification and am busy but don't want to dismiss it, I snooze it and the reminder goes off in about 5 minutes.

I need to make the snooze time a bit longer like 15 minutes but it's not an option in the settings from the calendar. Is it only changeable from my Gmail account on the computer or can I change it on my Droid 2?
Great app I found in the Play App Store, called "calendar snooze" (bitfire development). So far so good, still playing with it,but allows me to modify snooze times once my calendar alert pops up. It tied into my Droid calendar and let's me snooze for longer than five mins and u can edit sounds , etc. pretty cool.
On the Droid 2, you open the alarm clock, select the left back button. and when the lower alarm tray opens, select settings, from here, you can change the snooze time, alarm volume, alarm in silent mode, and side button behavior.