CES 2015 Coverage


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May 16, 2012
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Good Afternoon everybody,

In keeping with last year, I will be, once again, attending CES, and posting Videos, and maybe some articles from the show for you to enjoy.

I already have several appointments set up for the convention, but more than anything else, I want your input!

Tweeting @Macktion with the Hashtag #CESCoverage will be the best way to let me know what you want to see.
I can't promise that every request will be fulfilled, but I will promise that I will try very hard to get some time with every company/product that you recommend.
I know the feeling... However, we must carry on. For science!

Swyped from my Yoga 8
1 week away. :)

Swyped from my Yoga 8
I leave tonight. Coverage starts Tuesday. Forget what other people say, THIS is the holiday season!

Swyped from my Yoga 8
Looking forward to coverage from many different sources! Guess I'll be adding you to the list. Will you be updating here as well, or just on Twitter?

Wish I could afford to go to events like this, but I know I'd just get myself into trouble. Haha!
Oh no the videos will be posted here for certain. Twitter is just for people to tell me what they want me to go cover while I'm here.

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