Cell network location wrong?


Nov 8, 2009
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So I got my Droid on opening day and have thus far had almost no problems. Since about Friday of last week, however, I have had an issue with my cell network location. I live about a half hour north of where I work, and since last Friday the phone (using cell networks) locates me on my home tower, and only 1x internet speeds.

When I first got it, I got full 3g at my office, and it picked up my location right away. GPS didn't always work inside, but thats to be expected. When I go outside, it picks up my GPS right away, but doesn't apply to Google searches.

I dialed *228 to update my phone yesterday to get 3g back, and had to do the same again this morning when I got to work, but my location is still my home tower.

Any ideas? And yes, my location is enabled in the settings menu.