Catch Snoopers With Third Eye App!


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Oct 6, 2011
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A cell phone is a private place much like a purse or wallet. On your phone you have all kinds of sensitive and private info like credit card and financial information. You likely also have personal private conversations and photos. In many cases the things on your phone are for your eyes only.

When you leave your phone laying around you are at risk of snoopers snooping. Many snoopers can guess your PIN code, or retrace the greasy trail marks to figure out your pattern key. If you have a fingerprint saved they can catch you sleeping and use your own finger to unlock your device.

The "Third Eye" app may not keep snoopers from snooping, but it will catch them in the act! The app takes a photo of anyone who unsuccessfully tries to unlock your phone. The app then notifies you as soon as you unlock your device. The app also lets you know when your phone was last unlocked this way if the snooper is successful at unlocking your device you will still know they accessed it. Grab it from the link below.

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