[APP] AntiSnoop Catch Those Who Snoop On Your Device


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Oct 6, 2011
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AntiSnoop is an the app your trifling girlfriend didn't want you to find out about. This is for the guys with an insecure girlfriend. You know you aint creepin, but she takes every opportunity to check your device to make sure. Maybe you just have some curious friends who like to grab your device and surf the web. Who knows if they are snooping and looking into your personal business instead of just "checking their email." Antisnoop is a logging application that runs silently in the background and logs the name, open time, close time, and duration of every application that is used. This is a good way to know exactly what folks are doing on your phone.


Its just rude to look at someone elses text messages, password storing programs, and banking applications. This app serves as a deterrent to prying eyes. It should be noted that this app does not record what is done within the apps that are opened, just the apps that have been opened. You can head to the source link for more info.

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