Can't Use Phone...Can't Unlock Screen


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May 1, 2010
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Pelion, SC
The slider screen on my Droid can't be used because I can't get pass the slider unlock screen. When I try to slide it over, it pops right back. Any way to reset phone that I'm not aware, such as a reset button or something? NO, battery pull doesn't help and NO, I can't get to a menu of any kind. PLEASE HELP!!!
The slider lock won't slide all the way across the screen to unlock the phone? That's a new one by me. Just letting you know you're not forgotten. I'd suggest searching through and then (if needed) cross-posting this issue either in the RS Incredible section or over on the sister site:

HTC Incredible Forum
Thanks for responding. Yeah, I've posted on several forums and have not had one other person to have had the same problem - much less how to solve it. It's actually my brothers' and I told him I would try to fix it for him. I believe he's already purchased another phone. I was hoping to have it fixed and keep it for myself. Could always use another paper weight I guess...