Can't use Google Maps to Navigate from the Location field the Calendar


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Dec 9, 2009
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I have a Droid and my wife just got the Devour. On my Droid one of the best things about having Google Maps with Navigation is that if you have a location field defined on a calendar event, you can tap on it and instantly find the location and then navigate to it using Google Maps.

On the Devour, however, despite Google Maps navigation is there and works fine, when tapping on a location in the Calendar it's forcing the use of VZ Navigator.

For the most part I'm a happy VZW customer, but this ticks me off!

You can't delete VZ Navigator from the device either without rooting, which I refuse to do.

My workaround is to open the event in edit mode and copy the location, then go to Google Maps and paste in the search field. Works, but a PITA.

Anyone know a more elegant workaround for this?
This bugs me as well. Does the same thing from contacts (If you try to navigate from contact screen it defaults to VZN). Seems like there should be easy fix, but I cant find it yet...