Can't upload videos?


Oct 7, 2011
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I just recorded a video that's about 4:30 minutes. Concert I went to. Well I tried to upload it from my quickpic gallery to YouTube but it says "Video can't upload from cloud". Not sure what this cloud thing is. I don't recall having one before. I have uploaded videos before directly from my phone to YouTube, but now I can't. Does anyone know how this can be fixed?
I don't know what quick pic is, but I would just go directly to your gallery and upload it to YouTube from there. And name sure you're choosing from a local directory. You might see other directories that are cloud based, meaning what you see isn't on your phone's storage.

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QuickPic is a third party app that holds my phones photos. Something had gone wrong with the stock photo gallery and I had to use this other method. But I think it works now. I'm going to check if it works directly from my stock gallery app. Thanks.
I uploaded a video to YouTube using quick pic with no problems

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