Can't reply to certain exchange user emails


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Nov 26, 2010
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Hi, just joined as I just got the D2G and love its capabilities. But I am struggling with one tough problem that nothing I try seems to fix. It will not let me do a Reply, Forward, Reply All, to emails from a couple of my exchange server contacts/fellow employees. It just tries to do it (says loading) and then just reverts back to the original email screen. I've identified 2 contacts so far doing this and one is my Boss! I have just loaded Touchdown to see if that would fix it and the exact same thing. I had my exchange server provider look at it and they cloned a droid and a Iphone to the account and had no problem. Can it be my phone? I've done complete wipes too and I deleted my boss contact information and created it new from one of his emails. No luck...please help!
Update, with Touchdown, it won't even open those contact's emails at all. It would when I first loaded it but I just tried it again and I can't open those emails. So Stock App will open but can't Reply, Reply All or Forward and Touchdown won't open at all.