Can't get ADB to work


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Dec 21, 2010
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I've been trying for 3 hours to do this....

I need to get ADB working. I've downloaded the SDK. Every piece of documentation on the internet says go to the to tools folder inside of the SDK, and if I'm on a shell (I've tried this in both mac os and windows), I can type adb/test to see if it's working but there's nothing there! It's as if ADB is missing out of the SDK. If I look into the tools folder inside the SDK, there is no executable file called ADB in there. So how do I get ADB?
Figured it out, you need to install the additional android packages once you have the SDK installed in case anyone is looking at this. To do this you run the android SDK exec located in the SDK folder and install all the packages. ADB will be in the platform-tools folder.