Can't access bookmarked site - help!


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Dec 10, 2009
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I have a number of sites bookmarked in my browser section of my unrooted stock Droid. These are great for those sites that don't have dedicated apps.

On all, but one of these bookmarked sites, I can pull up the page, input my user ID and password and go to the webpage no problem. But on this one site, when I put in my user ID, I get "Cannot process request."

I've tried: not using the bookmarked indicator and just putting in the web address and going to the site and clicking on "accept pop ups" on the browser settings page, with no luck.

Clue: When I pull up the website on the browser, part of the page does not finish filling out the the printing/image and only a small "lego looking" cube shows.

I called Verizon tech. support and their answer was: call Motorola or wipe the Droid clean (maybe the certificate for that particular site is no up to date on my phone), or wait for the 2.2 OTA update and hope this clears up whatever bug may exist.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?