cannot remove yahoo account


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Aug 12, 2010
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I get to the point where the option comes up, "remove", then, "are you sure", but then it errors out, saying, "Error Removing Account. An error has occurred. Please try again." i've tried everything i can think of, including killing on apps, turning phone off, emptying out my email inbox, then trying again. nothing, same error message regardless. don't want this email account on my phone as it's my brother's and he gave me his phone. now i have access to all his email as impossible to signout or remove
Are you using the stock email app or a replacement email app (like K-9)?

Not sure if this will help or not but.......

Do you have another email account on that phone?? If so go into the setup of the two email accounts and make sure the "other" email is listed as primary and not the yahoo account. Then you should be able to delete the account. I have a feeling that the yahoo account is set as the primary.
And if that doesn't work a factory data reset will. At least for the Droid 1.

good luck
Okay - this is a weird fix, but it works:

1. Turn on wifi on phone, and connect to a wifi network.
2. Restart phone.
3. Open Messaging (email program)
4. Press Menu button and select "Manage Accounts"
5. Press and hold "Yahoo" icon until menu pops up
6. Select "Remove Account", then confirm your choice when prompted

Not sure why it works, or why the restart is necessary, but it is. I was very frustrated by not being able to remove my Yahoo account, but this strange fix worked like a charm.