Can you root the Droid Turbo

is there any way to root Droid Turbo

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Dec 7, 2014
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Hi im new to this website and i cant find any way to root a droid turbo is it even possible yet i just got the phone a week ago and im just wondering
Welcome to the Forum.

I am sure Root will be available. Why do you want to root and what carrier do you use?

Welcome to the Forum.

Root is available. Why do you want to root and what carrier do you use?
i want to root to get freedom and adaway mostly and i have verizon
thx for this but is there anyway to root if not at least i can get rid of bloatware
No root for your Turbo as of now, but I am confident it will happen
Not to disagree, per se', but if you're talking about the Verizon Droid Turbo and given how securely they locked down the MAXX from root with the move to KitKat (hasn't been rooted since), I doubt we'll see a root for the Turbo. Our only possible saving grace is that this same phone is issued under the Moto Maxx name globally and since that will not likely be locked down like the Verizon variety perhaps they will find an exploit that can be ported over to the Turbo. For me, the only reason I can see now for rooting is to gain access to the wireless tether "entitlement" hack, thought that's also been modified and may not be so simple to breech now either.
The turbo does allow you to disable (not remove) a lot of extra bloat. Which is what I've done. I have left some on the phone, though, but it's my choice.

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It could be worse.. They don't have a lot of apps that they prevent you from disabling.. Only a few bloat apps are like that, that I've seen..