Can the Droid 2 be Flashed to metro pcs


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Sep 8, 2010
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Hey i just bought a droid 2 on ebay brand new i just wanted to know if the droid 2 can be flashed to metro pcs i know that droid 1 can but not sure about droid 2. i've lookeed all over da web. so can it be flashed to metro pcs right now or do i have to wait till it can?
plz anyone just tell me a simple yes or no
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Does it even have all the same features if its on a different carrier?

will droid one did but i cant find any info for droid 2 being flashable yet. idk if i can just use the flash for droid one or anything.
I know for a fact that both carriers (VZW and metro pcs) are CDMA and they are both installing 700 mhz LTE (4G) antennas and base stations in their cell sites, my company does the antenna, lines, and bts work for both carriers. I know they are going to be upgrading every market but don't know how far they have gotten. So maybe possible.