Can I go back to froyo from GB without sbf?


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Apr 29, 2011
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Can I go back to froyo after booting a rooted GB build without SBF? Is it possible for me to just install a froyo build from GB or restore a Froyo backup from the bootstrap. I've never tried SBF before and I'd rather stick to what I know if that's possible.

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Do you know of any easy straight forward walkthroughs on how to sbf back?

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check out the fifth link in my signature and we can answer any questions you have.

@nerdslogic you win this round [shakes fist]
hmm that's interesting. i may be misunderstanding the language their using but it sounds like they were able to get back to froyo from the system only 2.3.340 "sbf" file in the tbh app. i didn't think that would work because supposedly there was like a baseband update or something that made the system only sbf not work (which is why maderstock didnt work) but hey if it does work then thats a lot easier.
yeah i read someone used the monster 340 zip to get back to froyo...i personally wouldn't do it but that is because i am a master SBFer now. take me like 30 minutes to get back up and running :)
I have used the TBH 2.3.340 to go back. It's hit or miss though, as in, sometimes it works and sometimes it bootloops whether I've wiped data once or five times. Even had it do a bootloader loop where it never made it to the animation and went straight to bootloader.

Best advice is to learn to use rsdlite if you plan on trying out a variety of rims and themes. I have the 340 sbf, rsdlite 4.9, and moto drivers uploaded to dropbox for the dx. If you need them I can pm the links to you.