Can I download PC Software to a Note 4?


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Dec 20, 2013
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Hi All,
Is it possible to download the same software to a Note 4 that you would also download to your PC/laptop, or are you only able to download Apps specific to Smartphones?
I specifically ask because when I buy my Note 4, I will want to download a software package that has an “Export to Excel” function. I have been told the equivalent App does not have this function but the regular PC software does.
All assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance for all responses.
I think the better question is, what kinds of things are you attempting to export to Excel? There are several "Office" products available for android, including the fact that Microsoft's Office software is free on android tablets. Can't remember if they finally made the jump for phones as well.

However, even Google's free Office software is compatible with Excel files.

So, I guess finding a suitable replacement will depend on exactly what you need it for, but I'm confident there's something for android that can do what you want.
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