Can any of these custom launcher do these?

Hey Domenic, how'd you get those icons with Launcherpro? I'm assuming you did the custom icon option, but did you have to make those or where'd you find them?

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Check a few posts up. I explained the whole thing and where to get them. There are literally hundreds of icon packs, for free, to choose from

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Well you can totally switch out icons, but as far as getting rid of icons... Just long press the icon and click change shortcut. Just choose blank (red x) and it will remove it. Hope this helps.
Basically, you can do what you asked above

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Ahh! thats what I was looking for thank you!!!

Now i do have another question, i was comparing GoLauncher and I noticed then in the app drawer of GoLauncher at the top there are 3 options I can click. All Apps, Recent, and Running.

Is there a way I can get those 3 options in the app drawer of LauncherPro?
That's similar to the blur gb launcher. I'd say no, but launcher pro is by far my favorite. It's your personal preference though so make it your own!
And im glad to help!

Droid 2 Liberty GB v0.8-Gingercomb Juiced
I like go launcher. I tried lpp and adw, i just think go launcher is faster and more responsive with less problems. And, it is very customizable. ymmv