Can any of these custom launcher do these?


May 30, 2011
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Go Launcher or Launcher Pro or ADW Launcher

I would like to change the 5 basic buttons usually on the bottom of the home screen.
Usually the buttons are Dialer, Brower, Contacts, App list, Messaging, etc

Is there a way for me to remove/replace some of those basic function buttons and replace it with something else in any of the 3 custom launchers mentioned above?

thanks for your time
I know launcher pro does.. I use it. Im pretty sure the others do as well.

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Yes they all allow you to change the launcher icons.

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+1 launcher pro. you can also set up multiple sets that scroll as the home screens do. pretty cool!
Launcher pro for sure


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Go Launcher allows for that, and it allows for the 3 scrolling docks like LP does...
hmm how do you do that in LauncherPro I cant find the option to do that in preferences
It takes a little work. Lp is the base.
Dl minimalistic text for the battery widget, Clockr evolution for the date widget. The dock icons were made by going to and going to launcher pro icons section. Dl the pack that you want and extract them on the sd. Now, on lp, long press on a dock icon and pick first change shortcut. Pick the app you want. Its icon will appear in the dock. Now it should say change icon in the same box (if not just long press on the newly changed icon). Choose custom icon. (the app quickpic works really good for this). It will or should take you to your folders. Find the icon pack you dl and choose the custom icon you want. Done!

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If you want a custom icon anywhere else on the home screen, you'll need to use the app "desktop visualizer", free in the market. Easy and fun

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hmm seems like they just change the icon images themselves..

is there a way for me to completely change the function of the icon?

for example, i want to remove the messaging icon and replace it with google voice. Remove the contacts and brower icon and just keep app drawer, dialer, and the gvoice mentioned above.
Well you can totally switch out icons, but as far as getting rid of icons... Just long press the icon and click change shortcut. Just choose blank (red x) and it will remove it. Hope this helps.
Basically, you can do what you asked above

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Hey Domenic, how'd you get those icons with Launcherpro? I'm assuming you did the custom icon option, but did you have to make those or where'd you find them?

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I prefer ADW Launcher EX over LauncherPro but that is just me. And it does allow you to customize icons on the dock
I use LP, and if I remember right, when you first install, you have a series of "+" 's and you just long press and make whatever shortcut you want, and it will give you the option of default icon or custom, choose custom it will take you to your gallery. To later change any, long press and it gives the option to change shortcut or change icon. I have 3 screens, and 3 screens of icons I can slide around no matter which screen
I'm on.