Camera Not Focusing

Aug 17, 2010
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I recently bought my wife a used D2. Everything appears to work flawlessly, except for the camera. It won't focus. It doesn't even make a sound like it's trying to focus.

Does anyone have any ideas, or does it seem like I'm out of luck?
Well i have a d3 and i have that problem sometimes when using the stock app, but i downloaded instagram and use it as my preferable camera app anyway and it always focuses correctly

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I tried a different camera app (not instagram) but that didn't resolve the issue. I also tried toggling macro mode, but was met with the same fail.
Try a factory reset as it will clear any processing issues. If that doesn't fix it then it's probably a hardware problem.
Also try cleaning the lens. That used to work for the OG.
Oddly enough the last OTA update (April-May 2012) mentioned that the Auto-Focus issue was going to get resolved, seems that it didn't. I also seem to be having a Similar issue while Recording Video with my DROID 3. The camera will not focus as quickly as it should, I found that Tapping the screen just like if you were taking still pictures fixes the problem for me.
I must say though I payed 135$ for my DROID 3 with no Contract and other than this it is an amazing phone, I love it!