Camera and Camcorder not saving pictures, You tube, or video player not working etc.


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Dec 3, 2009
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After Froyo update from Verizon I decided to root my phone and try out a ROM. I installed APEX ROM along with Black Glass and all looked fine install I started testing.

Camera captures pic and unable to save. Camera and Camcorder icons are missing from ap launcher. Unable to play Mp3s, watch You tube videos, or view previously saved(Pre Root) videos with video player.

I've tried the following:
  1. Do clean ROM install and hard reset
  2. Install third party cameras
  3. Verified in Systems Ap folder that camera.apk is in place with proper permissions
  4. Copied stock camera apk. using root explorer to system app folder with proper permissions
  5. Intstalled from zip blur camera.
  6. Hard reset to factory settings
  7. Deleted DCIM folder then tried to take a pic.
  8. Tried different ROM - now on DarkSlide v.3 which I'd like to keep.
  9. Tried clearing cache and and date from Application Manager
  10. Mount remount SD card
  11. Battery and card pull
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks.​

I am using version could that be the problem?