Calibrating a New Battery

Jan 28, 2010
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The original battery in my unrooted Bionic was crapping out earlier and earlier in the day over time so I bought a replacement on eBay.

I have run it through several charge/discharge cycles.

The system battery meter shows the new battery falling very quickly to 20, 15, 10, then 5%. Then it will run all day with the battery level reporting 5%.

I also use the Battery Left app, which I also ran through its recalibration cycle. Right now, the system battery meter shows 5%, and Battery Left shows 78%. The battery voltage is 3.409 volts. Battery Left says it has nine and a half hours left before the battery is depleted.

Does that battery voltage seem consistent with the 78% state of charge?

If so, is there a way to make the system battery meter report accurately?



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Apr 2, 2010
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Well, for the bionic specifically it may or may not work as it does on other Motorola phones or other manufacturer's phone but...

Power off the phone completely. For you, removing the battery for at least 10 seconds but better for 30 seconds should do just fine.

Next, replace the battery (if removed), and simply plug the phone into the STOCK charging adapter and using the STOCK USB DATA/CHARGING cable, no matter how much power is apparently in the battery.

Allow the phone to boot into Charge only mode.

Let the phone remain connected for at least 3.5 hours.

Check the State of Charge (SOC), by briefly pressing and releasing one of the VOLUME buttons. The display should light up shortly to show the battery's SOC.

Now user the phone normally until it reaches a displayed battery level of 10%.

Then repeat all the steps above exactly the same.

If all goes well the charging circuit should now see this as a new battery and will begin accurately representing the charge levels.

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