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Nov 9, 2009
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somehow I got the corporate calendar "no upcoming calendar events" bubble stuck on my home screen. I do not use this feature and have no idea how it got there or how to get rid of it. i can no longer access the widget menu by pressing this screen, it only opens this stupid corporate calendar thing. ughh

please help.
"No calendar events"

Me too. I just want to see my calendar (gcal is fine) display on the screen and I can't seem to figure out how or find a solution here. Thanks.

---I take that back. I just tried by doing the "drag and drop" with my finger, drop that box onto the rectangle box (the one with the arrow, that you normally pull out to see the app menu). AS SOON AS they both turn red, lift your finger. FINALLY I got this deleted.

I was thinking my prob was that the google cal wasn't picking up the events, but I think you're quite right, it was the corporate calendar that was displaying and since I don't use it, thus the "no calendar events" message. .

I think I need to now go back and read the other posts about finding a good calendar widget so that my cal will display on the main screen now that I've gotten rid of that other darn box.
thanks for the idea! :)
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I tried the 'drag and drop' to get rid of the box and its not working for me. Is there another way to do it?