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May 29, 2010
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C.H.A.O.S review from Sky Jet International
50,000+ downloads, rated at 4.3 stars out of 5.
Review from a Motorola Droid Bionic (stock)
Personal Rating: 1.5 stars
UPDATED 4/23/13

I just had to warn people about this app somehow. UPDATE: This app used to be around $1 to download, it has since then been released in two versions. One app is free, the other app is paid. The paid app only has one feature: it's in HD. There are in-app purchases though. This is a Pay2win game, and it is one of the worst. I created this review originally because you had to pay for the app in the first place, but now that there's a free version as well, it's not as bad, but still terrible. The reason why the app has such a high rating is because it asks you if you would like to rate it, mot reviews are less than 10 words and give it 5 stars, all of the detailed reviews give it 1 star. The app is a standalone and multiplayer fighter-helicopter simulator. As far as the simulator goes, I'd give it 3 stars. It flies, that's about it. It has 3 camera views, 1st person, cockpit, and 3rd person. The controls are a little rough, you have three firing weapons: a machine gun, a free-fire chaff pod, and lock-on missiles. Now, when I first got the game a few months ago, there was no way to turn off the vibration. Getting shot at created nonstop vibration until you either got away or they killed you. This would be a 1 star rating in itself, but that was recently fixed. The lock-on missiles take about 3 seconds of continuously keeping the enemy in your sights, and when the missile is launched the enemy is warned with a flashing red triangle. This triangle is very very small, and when pushed it deploys flares—at least, that's what it's supposed to do. It only works maybe a third or half of the time.

The Paid Part.
Moving on, the balance in the game is terrible. Let me make this clear: You have to pay extra to be an "okay" player. To buy the better helicopters in the game, you have to buy them with points. To obtain these points, you must pay real money, or spend a lot of time earning these, such as various achievements and rank advancements. When you first get the game, you have 3 helicopters to choose from. 2 of them are free, and the other one you have to pay for. Guess which one has the best stats? That's right, the paid one. Let's say you get a free helicopter, and you do some missions and get some silver (non-paid currency) and you notice that missions are getting harder. You start upgrading your helicopter and what's this you find? There are 6 categories to upgrade, each with 3 phases of upgrading. The 6th upgrade is actually a "skin" for the aircraft, giving it a new look—and you have to pay for it. The other problem is you cannot fully upgrade your aircraft, the third upgrade requires gold (paid points). Thus, you are forced to buy a new helicopter after you've upgraded all 5 categories to the second phase.

(Quick reference for this next part, "free" is referring buying them with the silver points you've earned, not paid for.)
So you're going to buy a new helicopter, eh? Well guess what? The pattern before of 2 free helicopters and 1 paid helicopter doesn't exist past the first rank. After that, you have two options: one free helicopter or one paid. But the pattern that does still exist is that you can guess which one has the better stats. If you choose to go for the free ones from now on, you need to play for hours and pray to God that the next time you come back you'll still have all the money you've earned. Want to know why? You can't sell back your helicopters. This is understandable for paid helicopters, but when helicopters start costing 1,000,000 and you buy it and the next one costs 2,000,000, getting even a 500,000 return for selling it would save you so much time. But even if you decide to go down the paid route, it's pretty pricey. The cost of paid helicopters will be at the bottom of this thread.

I'm not sure if people are hacking or if they really have made the game this unbalanced. Paid helicopters have included bonuses, and there's also bonuses you can buy. The paid helicopters get up to 30% more XP and silver from each round. You can also buy bonuses that gives you advantages over everyone else. With the combination of already having higher stats than free helicopters and having bonuses, a paid helicopter's machine gun (which is the weakest of weapons but is also the primary weapon) can destroy a helicopter that has 200 hitpoints in about 2 seconds at medium range. But the other way around, if you're trying to kill a paid helicopter, you can get 4 people to gang up on him, and you can unload all of the ammunition you've got—he'll kill all 4 of you in about 10 seconds. What really sucks though is sometimes when a pilot knows he's about to die, he'll intentionally crash so that you won't get the kill.

Recently I've noticed terrible connection sometimes in online games. I can't tell if it's just one certain player causing it in a server or the server getting laggy. When this happens, it's impossible to try to keep playing. Everybody appears to be bouncing back and forth at extreme distances, up and down and side to side, so much you can't keep them in your sights even at long ranges. Meanwhile, everyone else seems to not have the problem, so they'll just shoot you and you'll die pretty quickly.

This is the newest addition to the review. A typical scoreboard setting is to arrange from most to least kills. This game does not. From what I've noticed, I've narrowed it down to two ways it might arrange the scoreboard.
Your Kill-to-Death ratio may be what determines your placement on the scoreboard. Say you have someone who has a 10/5 (Kills/Death) ratio, and they're in first place. Now say someone who just joined the match kills two players without dying. These two players are now tied. Now the player who was at 10/5 just got killed. His Ratio is 10/6, and with a few seconds left of the game, the 2/0 player would win the game over the player who had the 10/6 ratio.
You can't see the score of other players in the game, but this could be a factor. When you start getting more and more kills and work your way up the scoreboard in the match, you will notice that the points you get from these kills will start to get smaller. Because of all these kills, the points rewarded for killing you will begin to increase. All you really have to do to win in this kind of scoring is continue to try to kill the first place player. The points from this will be large, and you should race up the scoreboard. That presents a problem for the first place player. Even if you have a large lead ahead of the second place player, if they kill you once it could put you in second place.

Gold - Price
100 - 99¢
220 - $1.80
570 - $4.83
1,160 - $9.98
2,400 - $19.96
6,000 - $49.90

Helicopter - Price (Gold)
CH-14 - 10
LYNX - 20
AS332 - 50
AH1W - 75
KA-50 - 125
AH640 - 250
UH-60 - 500
RAH66 - (Unknown, Not Unlocked)
AT-99 - (Unknown, Not Unlocked)

Will finish review at a later time, much more to say about it.