Bug in network selection


Dec 29, 2009
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Clifton Park, NY
I'm not 100% sure of this scenario but this is what I think I've seen.

I'm running 2.1-update1 in my Motorola Droid with Wi-Fi enabled. This morning I was at a meeting in a hotel that had good Wi-Fi coverage *but* had a web page proxy thing where you had to enter a password to use the network. My Droid wouldn't update e-mail (GMail or Touchdown). What I think is happening is that the OS is favoring Wi-Fi over cellular and sees that Wi-Fi is unsecured and insists on using it even though it keeps failing because I haven't entered the hotel guest password on a web page I haven't accessed. I've had this happen in other hotels, too. If I open a browser, I get redirected to the hotel password page and then other applications start working without any more intervention.

1. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

2. Where's the right place to report it as a bug?