Bug: Folder won't open

Folder's not opening is causing me to make my first post

This is my first post. I'm more than frustrated with the phone after upgrading from my previously ancient phone 2 weeks ago. In the 2 weeks, i've spent hours on the phone with verizon, and then another 2 hours in the store with Verizon. They were helping me fix the problem I had with my phone rebooting on it's own. After 2 full system restores, it doesn't seem to be a problem any more. Everything seems to work great, and i'm beginning to have hope after all. However, the only problem is the folders i created on the home page aren't opening. It is ridiculous and frustrating. I have 2 folders. One folder has all my system shortcuts and message shortcuts. The other folder has all my "fun stuff," like shortcuts to games, browser, the Market, etc. I have trouble accepting that an application that i downloaded is causing this problem. However, Verizon keeps blaming the "free market" for all the problems i have had so far. I don't doubt it. A lot of the apps have access to a lot of different system functions that shouldn't be necessary. I hate that Verizon can't provide a list of safe and trusted applications for us. At least, I haven't found one yet and Verizon said they weren't going to ever do that because Verizon can't trust the makers of the apps. Regardless, long story short (too late for that), I have to suck it up and accept these problems. Otherwise, do another system restore and do as Verizon told me; download one app at a time, and give it 24 hours of test time before downloading another app.