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Sep 6, 2017
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Galaxy S5
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Android 6.0.1; SM-G900V Build/MMB29M
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Tags: Small lettering text, 1 centimeter wide, scrambled code text, list websites broken, tiny dots and squares, android update broke browsers.

Forgive the previous, I'm hoping if my problem gets solved it will help someone else find a solution as well.
My GoogleFu has been defeated by trying to describe my problem. Try searching these symptoms yourself, then try it without being able to read the results half the time. I'm currently using Lightning, and it appears to be mostly working.

Since the most recent update to Android OS several websites are completely broken on most of the browsers I have tried. Symptoms are the page formatted to about a centimeter wide, usually down the center of the screen. Some of the text is pixels wide, some appears to be small circles and squares in some sort of code characters. Some websites work fine. The most being affected are list based like Wikipedia, forums, or news sites. Some have the lettering scrambled or limited inside that small area down the middle of the screen. Others are just completely broken formatting.
This problem was encountered immediately following the recent update listed in the specs above.

Here are some links to pictures of the problem. Taken with Reddit Sync's built in browser and Google Chrome for Android.

Wiki page for Technical Support
Wiki tech support music page
Ts1 homepage homepage

Tech support forum Tech support forum

Thanks for your help, hope I'll be able to read it!