Bricked - stuck in bootloader with "Code Corrupt"


Oct 29, 2014
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So yesterday I got this phone and was really happy coz of it.

Tried rooting, but somehow managed to get into a bootloop. So flashe sbf and everything is fine.
Sbf i used was 2.3.6 Argentina as the same soft I had before and I read that on EMEA variant Verizon sbf is no go.
Than I rooted it again, everything went fine. Than I'd installed bootstrap CWM, made nandroid and flashed CM7.
All was still fine. Unfortunately I installed bootstrap again before reading that it will softbrick CM7 and that there is already an CWM within the CM.
So what could I do? I flashed sbf again - again the same 2.3.6 for Argentina I had before.

Since than I have "Code Corrupt" and can go past Bootloader menu - right after I insert the battery i boots to bootloader mode. Because of that I cannot get into Recovery or Safe Mode...

RSDlite flashes the firmware OK, but than fails on "Error switching phone to BP pass through mode(0x70BE)phone connected" and the Bootloader is still corrupted.

Any ideas?
I'm 100% sure that it is EMEA Droid Pro, so firmware is the one for this model.

Battery is OK. Program too. Bootloader version is 03.0C (v0x00030C).