Boxwave Droid Case


Mar 1, 2010
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I just got one, about $13. Very sharp color. Case is a little thicker than one might realize, nothing too terrible. The Seidio is supposedly 1mm although it certainly looks thicker. This case is is a bit thicker for sure and can provide protection.

The fit was snug but some of the clips didn't snap into place perfectly although they look like they could. Something seemed just a little bit too tight, not sure. The surprise was that the area near the headphone jack was cut a little strange, at least i think so. Didn't seem snug fit right there and may have caused the snap not to snap onto the case completely and could easily come off. Moreso, the top case had snaps on the underside on all four sides and looked like it could affect the sliding over the keys. The Glove that I'm using - a very good case IMHO although very thick (and protects the phone) does NOT have those snaps on that side for that very reason. I noticed more friction too - the slider didn't slide shut as easily.

Anyone else get the Boxwave case?
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